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Sky Temple is a new region from the Expansion. Beating the sky temple rewards you with the next version of its corresponding young hero. Correct Regions for each young character's Sky Temple below.

Sky temples regions.jpg


Each sky temple has a different boss, these are much tougher variants of standard overworld bosses. All of these bosses take half damage from physical attacks and have very high health. Most of them summon hordes of minions.


The sky temples are similar to the final area in several ways. First they don't have many types of locations, they only contain chests, spell vendors, empty spaces, and shrines. Second they have red skeletons wandering the map, usually 1-4. If you run into one you are forced into combat though there are also normal fights on the map. There are far more tiles than a normal map, usually almost filling it, and they are also highly connected. The sky temples also have some unique features seen nowhere else in the game. Notably you can find locked and unlocked spell chests, which drop a spell when opened instead of items or gold. All spell vendors in this area are legendary spell vendors who sell a random legendary spell for 500 gold. In addition all shrines are gold in color.


-always try to get all the legendary spell vendors, they are really useful

-the hell bosses are extremely difficult to defeat by any means other than double strike stacking, 500 hits on the warrior is usually enough

-don't get cocky, the fights on the map are way WAY easier than the boss.