Has-Been Heroes Wiki

The game is split up into different regions. Each region has a randomized map layout consisting of the various crossroads with a boss at the end. Tiers 1-5 have two different potential regions. Upon defeating the boss of a region, the party goes to the next tier until a Ghost Pirate boss is reached.

Tier 1[]

Dark Forest[]

Shadows prowl in this seemingly peaceful forest after dark.

Snowy Forest[]

Embrace the whiteness of the driven snow in this fablelike wintertime forest.

Tier 2[]

Volcanic Plateau[]

Undead coming in hot! steady steps and a cool head are necessity in this harsh volcanic plateau


A place so barren the only living things are already dead. Watch out for those puddles!

Tier 3[]


The six feet under club is open around the clock! Mind the angry undead!

Magic Forest[]

Magical forest brimming with vivid fireflies, strange mushrooms and undead ambushes.

Tier 4[]


Popular meeting place for the good, the bad and the undead.


A lush jungle surrounds the forgotten ruins of an ancient civilization.

Tier 5[]


Freeze warning! This icy glacier leaves no one cold.


Time for a swamp romp? steer clear of the swamp gas and marsh monsters!

Tier 6[]


Free chains and shackles for every enthusiastic dungeon dweller!

Tier 7[]


The only thing growing in this undead infested city is the crime rate.

Tier 8[]